I’m Monique


If dreaming were a hobby it would be my favorite hobby. Dreaming of all the beautiful things I would make and the reaction of beloved's to their made home made gifts. I love to curl up behind the sewing machine and make dreams come true!

I used to fall asleep as a child to the sound of my mother's sewing machine and with Keper & twill I would like to contribute to making happy memories. Whether you make a quilt as a gift for someone else or as a gift for yourself, it starts with an idea and dreams of the finished product. 

What makes Keper & Twill different?

Like many creators, I'm a visual person and reading an entire manual is not my favorite part. That's why Keper and Twill does things differently. The manual uses as little text as possible. With clear illustrations and icons you can see at a glance what you have to do. So you can focus on making instead of understanding what to do.

Because not only the  finished project is important, but also the journey of making 🙂 and illustrations say  so much more than words!